What is the Best Emergency Food for Survival Preparedness or Self-Reliance?


In review of BuyEmergencyFoods.com’s Legacy Premium Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, all I can say is I believe they are the best products out to date! Here are the 25 reasons Equip 2 Endure believes they are the best!

1. Significantly more calories per serving- 77% more per serving on average
2. Certified GMO Free
3. 50% less sodium (low sodium)
4. No artificial flavors
5. No hydrogenated oils
6. No yeast extract
7. No caramel color
8. More entree meal options
9. They focus on increase daily healthy calories in the least expensive way, like using parboiled rice because it is 80% nutritionally similar to brown rice and tastes like white rice & refried beans adds a lot of healthy protein!
10. The have three new cooking kits to complement the meal packages (These are awesome kits with great stoves that are relevant for emergency situations)
11. Best Value – Simply the best Value in the in the freeze dried/dehydrated food industry when comparing cost per amount of food you get.
12. Most Healthy – With their enhanced product line they are the only brand that can claim a certified GMO free product, replacing them with more natural ingredients. So in other words the cleanest most healthy emergency freeze dried food product available.
13. Best Tasting – The E2E Team was pretty surprised by how good their food tastes. We have tried the other options and theirs is by far the best.
14. Most Innovative in the Biz – They are coming out with some really exciting product soon that will change the prep food space.
15. Highest Quality Ingredients – They don’t use filler ingredients to get a higher calorie count and use high quality ingredients
16. No Preservatives – They don’t add preservatives. Their food is preserved naturally because they remove most of the fat, all of the light, most of the water and most of the oxygen.
17. Free Shipping – on everything
18. Best Packaging – Mylar bags (keep out light and gases), nitrogen flush (to remove most of the oxygen & co2), NEW adding Oxygen absorbers to ALL pouches (this further reduces O2 to where the “residual oxygen content” is less than 2% on average)
Stack able buckets – rodent proof, water proof, easy to carry and store.
20. Secure – They only deliver in plain boxes so as not to advertise to a customers neighbors that he is receiving emergency food
21. Easy to Prepare – Pre-made meals, Just tear, pour into dish, add water…can be cold water even.
22. Low Price Guarantee
23. 100% Quality Guarantee
23. 25 Year Shelf Life
24. Gluten Free Options
25. Group Buy Discounts available – They can take group buy orders where the total is over 10k but the cool thing is that people in the group buy can pay separately and they will ship the product separately.

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