Safeway Grocery Store Savings / Short Term / 1 month Survival Food Supply

This entire array of groceries ran me about 100 dollars and could feed 2 people for several weeks at least. Sugary and all frozen items have been removed from this cart along with other expensive veggies not currently in budget (Ill go to Farmers Market Saturday)

You can save money on your eating expenses by cooking for yourself and that includings buying base ingredients and avoiding premade items where possible. Things like boiling water, mixing flour, and other simple tasks with human hands are all that is needed (and a attention span ) to greatly save money. Only a fraction of those concerned with coming events have food for more than a few days. This is indicative of cognitive impairment on a number of levels and it’s time to challenge brain again and see things as they are. I am not perfect and have called out my own unconscious and unhealthy buying habits as this video is more about my own evolution to more effective use of the money allocated towards feeding myself (in this case, someone else as well). Bring out the inner prepper today and start paying attention to what are some of the better deals at your local markets, plan ahead and create your own food storage program. Don’t forget to including seeds.

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