Late 70’s Early 80’s U.S. Vintage Food Packet Survival General Purpose L2 MRE / Survival Food Review

U.S. Vintage Food Packet Survival General Purpose, take a minute and check out our good friends at for international rations, and here are some amazon links for some United States Military MRE’S

Sopakco MRE Meals Ready To Eat Case Pack of 14 For Survival And Emergency Green Box

MRE 2018 Inspection Date Meals Ready-to-Eat, Case of 12 Genuine US Military Surplus

Half Case (total of 6 Individual Meals) of MRE Star Ready to Eat Complete Meals w/ Flameless Heaters – Variety of Meals – Great for Bugout Bug Out Survival Emergency Bags Kits for Disasters 2012 Zombie Apocalypse

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