Food Packet Survival Abandon Ship 1973 Survival Ration MRE Smoke 42 Year Oldest Pall Mall Cigarette
Link to my review thread of this Ration on MREinfo:

Howdy folks,

Doing the review of a Food Packet Survival Abandon Ship with a date of production from February 1973.

We open the case, try out a jelly bar, smoke a 42 1/2 year old Pall Mall, and talk about the practical use of this nearly forgotten and now very rare Ration.

Sadly this one was tampered with – professionally opened and re-sealed by some collector that took out 5 of the food packets, replaced one with a food packet from 1992 – and opened the cigarette packet, but luckily left them in.

In this video, I said someone took 3 packs – I stand corrected and looked back and realized it was 5. Also I said 1982 instead of 1992 at one point about a comparison to the previous review of the 1992 version. Sometimes I mis-speak – sorry about that!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the review and don’t mind watching my accidental too close-up look at me smoking one of the Pall Malls.. I really do need to get a better film set-up with more space.

Every time I do one of these Ration review videos, I have a deeper understanding and respect for the seasoned reviewer’s filming techniques and professionalism. I am still learning, so thanks guys for your patience and understanding!

Take care & hope you all have a great day/evening!


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