DIY Super Survival Food! Healthy AND Yummy! Parched Grains!

Do you like potato chips, corn nuts, or popcorn? Now you can have them for dinner; guilt free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!————————————————————–Click “SHOW MORE” for more helpful information.
– You could use a dehydrator instead of the sun to dry it; just for the ‘preservation aspect’, but I don’t think it’s as nutritious (because when the sun blasts the food for hours it puts in extra nutrients) and I think without the sun it has less of a popcorn flavor!

– You could also use the oven to dry it as well, however you won’t be able to taste and eat the sun.
(WARNING! Must be confident with your teeth. And if it’s your first time eating them, then use your back teeth to get the feel of it. Always eat with caution)

FUN FACT: Digestion starts in the mouth. In general it is recommended to chew your food thoroughly to help your body digest it better. The more you chew the more nutrition you’ll receive. With Parched Grains, it is recommended to REALLY chew your food well! You’ll see what I mean! 😉


– THE CLASSIC: Olive/Coconut oil + pink salt/sea salt/black lava salt + parched grains = yummy ‘junk food’. You can also throw in some herbs as well for health boosts. Also Chia Seed, Hemp Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, or nuts!
– SWEET AND SALT: Everything above + honey!!
– SWEET AND SALTY WITH A KICK: Everything above + minced raw garlic!
– BARBECUE TERIYAKI WANNABE: Everything above + Black Strap Molasses (Black Strap is the most nutritious, however Molasses works as well)
– THE LEGENDARY: Simply throw in an Avocado! Those two go hand in hand like Peanut Butter and Jelly !

And if a bowl of Parched Grains is your main course, you could choose to have fruits or vegetables on the side. (It is recommended to not mix fruits and vegetables as that may not be best for digestion)

The end of the video has quotes from my favorite book ever, “The Desire Of Ages”. (It made me cry like a baby 3 times!) If you want a copy of the book or read the whole thing then feel free to message me! 🙂

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