Make Your Own Survival Food: Chocolate Chia Cookies

In an emergency situation, your supply of survival food could be the difference between life and death. Make sure you’re prepared by keeping a batch of these chocolate chia cookies in your bug out bag. These cookies are made entirely from stored ingredients – nothing fresh – so they have an extremely long shelf life […]

2012 Global Food Shortage Emergency Crises – Start Storing Survival Food

Start preparing now by storing food reserves before it’s to late. Food is your greatest dependency. It does not matter how much inflation drives the food prices up you will still buy it, and when you can’t afford it, you’ll find other ways to get it, so you don’t go hungry. Food is […]

Pemmican : Ultimate survival food

Pemmican really is the ultimate survival food. This method of food preservation enables meat to be preserved for over 50 years, enabling it to be eaten on the go. Link to buy book Or visit In a bushcraft, survival or prepping environment, starvation is a distinct probability. Getting a little practice in before […]

1950 Korean War Life Raft Tablet Ration Vintage US Navy Survival Food MRE Review Oldest Charms Eaten

This is a 1950 Navy Survival Ration given out to sailors when they had to jump ship. It’s a simple 360 calorie Ration – just enough to keep you alive if in a liferaft trying to survive. RC Gusto sent this one to me – super generous and nice of him! If you don’t know […]