2012 Global Food Shortage Emergency Crises – Start Storing Survival Food

Start preparing now by storing food reserves before it’s to late.
Food is your greatest dependency. It does not matter how much inflation drives the food prices up you will still buy it, and when you can’t afford it, you’ll find other ways to get it, so you don’t go hungry. Food is the security of the world and when there is a food shortage or food crises, it can become the next currency.

Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney, Glen Beck, Alex Jones Show, Shaun Hannity of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are all recommending that people start storing food for an emergency food crises, global economic crises, financial crises, food shortage or economic collapse. Everyone should be making their emergency food supplies list now.

“When the credit card system stops, you’re going to see a run for the super markets and the super markets have less than a three day supply” – Robert Kiyosaki

Most people are saying that during inflation FOOD will rise in price the fastest.

You and your family need to start preparing now for any kind of emergency food shortage, food crises or disaster that may happen in your future, so you don’t end up on food stamps.

Four Factors I feel could affect our future food supply causing a food shortage or food crises…

1. Using corn as a substitute for gasoline
2. Limiting us where we can drill for oil
3. Devaluating our dollar with over spending
4. Promoting global warming to bring on cap in trade

Five things that could happen if we have an emergency food shortage…

1. Taking over our health care system
2. Taking over private industries
3. Taking our property by eminent domain
4. Taking our guns
5. National marking system to control purchasing of food.

How much emergency food storage will make you feel safe?

There are now over 50 million people on food stamps in America. Hunger is not just a world problem, it’s a USA problem.

Before you are priced out of the food market, you should purchase as much of our $2.00 – 25 year shelf live meals that you can afford. Just think, when a loaf of bread is selling for $25.00 someday in the future, you can rip open one of those healthy delicious meals and feed the whole family for around $8.00.

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