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My thread on MREinfo on this Ration: http://bit.ly/2rndaZN

Hey there, everyone! It’s Steve1989 with a whole case of Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship to review – these were given to Navy troops who were bailing out onto life rafts in a case of emergency and were essentially the survival food used in that environment until 1997 when the US adopted what is now commercially available as Datrex & Mainstay bars. It’s a non-thirst provoking ration that is pretty much exclusively carbohydrates – fats & proteins require more water to process and assimilate so this is a relatively effective Ration for it’s general purpose.

I gathered some detailed information on this Ration.. here is that specific info: By Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Military Nutrition Research, Richard T. Travis

The purpose of the Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship is to sustain life until rescue or until other food is available. It is supplied to the life saving craft aboard ships for survivors who have abandoned ship. Experience with ocean disasters has shown other supplies, such as life saving equipment and drinking water, to be more critical for surviving than food.

As currently specified, the Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship consists of 2 starch jelly bars, four mint tablets, chewing gum, and matches, and is sealed in a waterproof bag. 15 food packets and a cigarette packet are packaged in a carton and 8 cartons are packed in a shipping case.

Each packet provides 475 calories. It is issued upon the basis of 1 packet per man, per day. The components have maximum stability in storage for on-deck craft under all climatic conditions. In fact, since the Navy has indicated that this food must be stable at 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) for one month, even the starch jelly bar component must be specifically formulated. Canned water in limited quantities or water making equipment is provided on the life saving craft.

Food Packets per carton: 15
Carton/case: 8
Weight/Case: 48lbs
Weight/Carton: 5.75 lbs
Weight/Food Packet: 5.2 oz
Cube/Case: 1.36 Cubic Feet
Cube/Carton: 0.16 Cubic Feet
Calories/Food Packet: Approximately 475 Calories
Specification: MIL-F-16895
NSN: 8970-00-299-1395

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